Friday, July 11, 2014

For Real (Smith|Doorstop, 2014)
'No. The catch was what you could never
let go. It's what you carried, and still do.'
                                   from 'The Catch'

Technically adroit, Ben Wilkinson’s poems are also willing to wear their heart on their sleeve. Lyrical and sometimes wistful, the best poems have a spoken contemporary quality. There is a great deal of promise in this striking collection.  

For Real, published by Smith|Doorstop, £5.

Buy For Real by secure PayPal / debit card payment for £5 (UK p&p) or £7 (overseas p&p).

Ben Wilkinson is one to watch. A fine poet with a deft ear and a nice sense of how the external world presses on the inner one.
–  Nick Laird

Filmic, phantasmagoric, super-realist – in For Real, Ben Wilkinson shoots the rapids of the emerging twenty-first century’s infra- and extraordinary, in a stylish, poised lyric voice that looks built to last.
–  Paul Farley

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£5? Bargain.